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In today’s courts, the term “Domestic Violence” automatically sparks a highly emotional response from those who hear it, and this includes jurors as well. However, the experienced Fort Collins domestic violence lawyer at the Law Office of Kevin R. Churchill knows that there are always two sides to every complicated story, and that there were multiple contexts involved in the difficult situation you now are facing. Mr. Churchill is determined to demonstrate to the jury, the judge, and the rest of the court the true facts of your case.

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Domestic Violence in Colorado

There is a wide variance of different domestic violence offenses which citizens residing in the state of Colorado could be charged with.

Mr. Churchill has successfully represented clients facing several different types of domestic violence charges, including:

  • Different forms of systemic and/or continued harassment and discrimination
  • Violating the restraining order placed by one’s partner of family member
  • Third-degree assault
  • Criminal mischief
  • Cases of menacing
  • False imprisonment

How Domestic Violence Is Defined in Colorado

In the state of Colorado, there are very specific terms regarding the exact definition of domestic violence. Unlike other states which include a variance of familial relationships, domestic violence in Colorado specifically includes any behavior of violence or threat of violence that occurs between two parties who currently hold an intimate relationship or have had one in the past. This intimate relationship only occurs between two spouses or ex-spouses, couples who are or were unmarried but participated in a romantic relationship, or people who share a child, even if these parents never had a marital or long-term relationship.

Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges

There are many different methods which a knowledgeable attorney can use to defend you within the judicial system. In some cases, there might have been a case of mistaken identity or a misunderstanding where the alleged plaintiff interpreted a scenario as being threatening. In addition, if you did not have criminal intent when an accident occurred, this will be brought to the jury’s attention as well.

In other scenarios, clients have acted in self-defense against harm or violence that was actually being enforced upon them, and Mr. Churchill has even seen many unfortunate cases where the supposed victim entirely made up a story for financial gain or to wreak malicious vengeance when they felt “injured.”

Dependable Advocacy

Penalties for domestic violence are harsher than ever. Even if there was a colossal mistake, the police are required to perform mandatory arrests of any suspect, so you might already be facing the horrific trauma of being arrested and the shameful reputation which follows. No matter what you have suffered, you can have the peace of mind that our domestic violence attorney in Fort Collins is ready to fight for you.

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