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When someone has brought a charge against you claiming that you were driving while having drugs or alcohol in your system, you are quickly going to need to find an ally who knows the complexities of Colorado laws. DUI charges and the penalties they bring are extremely harsh. There are many times when good citizens who do not deserve these charges or have merely made a small mistake are still forced to bear the brunt of these stringent accusations.

Here at the Law Office of Kevin R. Churchill, you will find a Fort Collins DUI attorney who knows exactly how terrifying and confusing it can be to have these charges laid against you. Every person is human and may make mistakes now and then, and this includes the police as well. Rely on this Fort Collins DUI lawyer to defend your case with compassion and aggression.

Facing charges for DUI? Contact Mr. Churchill now for dependable support in answering all of your questions regarding DUI charges.

DUI Penalties in Colorado

It is important to remember that the moment you receive a Notice of Revocation, you have just seven days in order to make a request for a hearing. If you do not give a response in these seven days, your driving license will automatically be revoked, typically for 9 months at the very least.

Moreover, just for the first offense of driving under the influence in Colorado, you will face severe penalties, including:

  • Harsh fees usually in between $600 to $1000, not counting costs for court charges
  • 48 to 96 hours of community service
  • Two years of probation
  • Regular drug or alcohol education classes

A higher BAC, or the occurrence of any accidents that may have been linked to your charge, often could create a circumstance where your penalties will be raised in severity and length.

Colorado DUI Defense Strategies

You may be feeling like your case is hopeless when you are facing such serious charges, but there is still hope so long as you act quickly. Simply being charged with a DUI does not show the real details of the truth, so an Fort Collins DUI attorney can challenge the accusations on many accounts.

There have been many recorded examples of police officers, eyewitnesses, and breath test analysts making human mistakes. Even breathalyzer machines have been known to malfunction, and you do not deserve to pay for these errors. Blood tests have also often created inconclusive, unreliable, or completely false results, and the firm can demonstrate this to the court on your behalf.

Taking Immediate Action

More than ever, police officials and prosecutors have been joining efforts to make harsher punishments for those charged with driving under the influence. Although the zeal of law enforcement is understandable, it is unfair for you to be forced to bear the heavy penalty of any potential errors they have made in their eagerness to catch a criminal. Take initiative by seeking aid from your trustworthy Fort Collins DUI lawyer immediately.

If you are facing charges for drunk driving, call Law Office of Kevin R. Churchill today at (970) 238-2982 so that our Fort Collins DUI attorney can provide you full, aggressive advocacy.

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